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UK Publishers of primary source material on political, territorial and ethnic issues


About the work

For many years we have specialised in the history of the Middle East and our titles provide an extensive library collection of print and E-resources on the modern political development of the Arabian peninsula and the Persian Gulf. Significant additions to the list also provide material on the Balkans, the Caucasus, Russia, South East Asia and the Far East, and we have produced a recent series of work on tribal and ethnic minorities. 

Cambridge Archive Editions is an imprint of Cambridge University Press. This excellent partnership allows Archive Editions, as was, to remain independent of commercial enterprises and to continue to produce work that is unsurpassed in its quality and integrity. 

Cambridge Archive Editions have joined in partnership with East View Information Services. All the original CAE book and maps collections are now available digitally via the East View eBook platform. Through this bespoke digital platform, we can offer today’s researchers instant access to the trusted source material that they need, all in one searchable database.