Documentary Studies in Arabian Geopolitics: UAE: Internal Boundaries And The Boundary With Oman

ISBN: (13) 978-1-85207-575-0   Extent: 8 volumes, 4,000 pages, including 2 map boxes
Editor: Mr J. F. Walker, CMG, MBE, former Ambassador
Published: 1994  Paper: Printed on acid free paper
Binding: Library binding with gilt finish
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In this collection Cambridge Archive Editions presents the definitive documentary guide to the internal boundaries of the seven Emirates and the UAE-Oman boundary, prepared by the leading authority on UAE boundaries, Mr J. F. Walker, CMG, MBE, former Ambassador, who has long been personally involved in the arbitration and delimitation of Emirates territory. It is a comprehensive collection of British documents covering the settlement of virtually all onshore boundaries, extending to over 4000 pages in eight volumes, with superb collection of maps, including the series of 1957-1960 sketch maps drawn by Mr Walker himself and made public for the first time.


This is the first collection of British documents dedicated to the history of the internal boundaries of the former Trucial States, as well as to the external boundary with the Sultanate of Oman. Documentation from the 1949-1962 period is of particular importance because no boundaries in the area had been settled before 1949, while the majority of the onshore boundaries, both within the Trucial States and with Oman, were delimited by 1962. The work covers both these areas.
 The publication does not cover the boundaries of the UAE with Saudi Arabia and Iran, which are better known, while the past disputes between Abu Dhabi and Qatar over the border at Khor al Odaid are no longer relevant to the present situation. Within the UAE certain boundaries are still being finalised, as is shown by the recent announcement of agreement over the Ras al-Khaimah-Umm al Qawain boundary, and by work done by Sharjah to physically demarcate on the ground its boundaries with neighbour Emirates. It is planned to publish a supplement when these last sectors have been finalised and the information is available.
 This work forms part of the Arabian Geopolitics series which examines the key issues in the political evolution of strategic regions of the Arabian Peninsula. It explores the historical background to contemporary developments in political and territorial authority. It highlights the interaction of inter-state relations and claims, traditional trade and tribal activity and the extent to which natural resources dictate national claims.



 Volume 1 The Establishment of the Trucial States:
  • Treaties with British, 1820-1945
  • Historical summaries
  • Treaties and agreements between the Trucial States, 1824, 1829, 1906, 1907-
  • Development of Trucial States, 1904-1932
  • Fujiarah: its emergence as a Trucial State, 1900-1959
  • British intervention, 1937-1950
  • The road to Federation, 1951-1961  
Volume 2 The Division of Qawasim Territories:
  • Sharjah: Hamriyah, Dhaid, Hairah, Khan, 1900-1963
  • Ras Al Khaimah: Rams, Shaam, Jazirat al Hamra, 1900-1952
  • Kalba, 1900-1952
  • Dibbah, 1933-1952
  • Daftah, 1937-1953  
Volume 3 The Acquisition of Territory:
  • Hatta (Hajarain), 1914-1940
  • Masfut, 1947-1949
  • Tribes: Beni Yas, Beni Qitab, Tanaij, Mazari, Manasir, Al Bu Shamis, Naim, 1930-1963
  • Oil exploration,1938-1950
  • Boundary claims, 1937-1959
  • Preparation for boundary settlement, 1946-1955
  • Boundary arbitration, 1956-1958


Volume 4 Inter-Emirate Boundaries:

  • Abu Dhabi-Dubai, 1936-1962
  • Dubai-Sharjah, 1901-1980
  • Ajman boundaries (including Zora and Manama)
  • Umm al Qawain boundaries
  • Ras al Khaimah-Fujairah, 1952-1963
  • Sharjah-Fujairah (over Dibba)
  • Offshore concessions and seabed proclamations
  • Preparations for offshore settlements
 Volume 5 Historical Background:
  • Role of British, 1901-1956
  • Abu Dhabi-Oman (Buraimi and Dhahirah)
  • The Bani Kaab
  • Wadi Qor and Aswad
  • Khatam al Malahah
  • Wadi Madha
Volume 6 Historical Background (continued) and Boundary Settlement:
  • Dibbah and the Shihuh
  • Bakha (Ras al Khaimah and the Shihuh)
  • Preparation for boundary settlement
  • Boundary mediation 1958-1960
  • Continuation of boundary work
Volumes 7 & 8 are map boxes


  • Details of the finalisation of the Dubai-Sharjah boundary, the subject of lengthy legal arbitration up to 1980. The position of the line affected the Mghram gas field.
  • The 1949 arbitration of the northern sector of the Abu Dhabi-Dubai boundary after the war between those two states. While contentious, the arbitration was the harbinger of the settlements by the British in the northern Emirates.
  • Details of the 1956 and 1957 arbitrations in the northern Emirates, the basis of many of the present-day internal boundaries.
  • The 1959 and 1960 mediation for delimitation of much of the UAE-Oman boundary. Part of this line lies close to present oil fields.


The folding maps include the following:
Volume 7, Maps 1-23
 01. Boundaries of the Trucial Shaikdoms, 1937. [Private source]
 02. Outline map to accompany Note on Parts of Eastern Arabia. ( Includes further suggestions for boundary delimitation, and an insert of the Buraimi area.) Foreign Office, 1949.
 03. Sketch map showing territorial limits of various Trucial Coast Shaikdoms as recognised by Britain. After 1955 Report by J.F. Walker, Political Agency, Dubai. 1956.
 04 - 23. Sketch maps, scale 1: 100,000, drawn by Julian Walker for boundary delimitation between 1957 and 1960. [Source: Julian Walker]
 04. Index map.
05. No. 1A Khassab. May 1958.
06. No. 2A Ras al Khaimah. December 1958.
07. No. 3 and 3A Umm al Qawain. 1957.
08. No. 4 and 4B Dibba. February 1959.
09. No. 5A Jabal Ali. March 1959.
10. No. 6 and 6A Dubai--Sharjah. 1957.
11. No.7 and 7A Dhaid--Masafi. May 1958.
12. No. 8A Khor Ghanada--Ghafur. March 1959.
13. No. 9 Southern Sharjah. No date (1959).
14. No. 10A and 10B Wadis Qor and Hatta. May 1959.
15. No. 11A Ashush. February 1959.
16. No.12A Kahal. Febraury 1959.
17. No. 14A Nakhil bin Jarwan. May 1959.
18. No. 15 Buraimi. April 1959.
19. No. 17A Tawi Aqair-Qabil. May 1959.
20. No. 18B Hafit-Harim. April 1960.
21. No. 20B Tawi Bul Abbas. April 1960.
22. No. 24B Sih Salil. April 1960.
23. No. 29B Umm az Zamul. April 1960.


The folding maps include the following: 

Volume 8, Maps 24-36
 24. Sketch map of the undisputed land area of the Shaikhdom of Ras al Khaimah. Foreign Office Research Department, October 1959.
 25. Rough guide to the sea bed area of Ras al Khaimah, 1961.
 26. Boundaries of the Trucial States. (Prepared and drawn from sketch maps and information provided by Julian Walker.) Map No. 1 North. Foreign Office Research Department , February 1962.
 27. Boundaries of the Trucial States. Map No. 2 South. Foreign Office Research Department, February 1963.
 28. Boundaries of the Trucial States. Map No. 3 covering the Southern Abu Dhabi-Oman boundary. (Unpublished.) Foreign Office Research Department, May 1963.
 29. Results of the survey of the frontier between the State of Abu Dahabi and the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman carried out by 13th Field Survey Squadron, March/April 1964.
 30. Aerial photography of revised land boundary between Abu Dhabi and Dubai as agreed between the Rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai at Sumaih, 18 February 1969, showing boundary line with neutral zone between Tawi al-Ashush and Tawi Faqqa. [Foreign and Commonwealth Offfice Library.]
 31. Aerial photography of revised land boundary between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, February 1969, showing the turning points of the boundary and adjacent landmarks. [Foreign and Commonwealth Offfice Library.]
 32. Map to show the final agreed boundary between the Shaikhdoms of Dubai and Sharjah. Halcrow International Partnership, October 1985.
 33.-36. Maps illustrating the October 1960 Court award on the Sharjah-Dubai boundary. [Private source.]