Persian Gulf Gazette and Supplements 1953–1972

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The Persian Gulf Gazette was instituted as the administration of British interests in the Gulf entered a new phase - and the final phase of direct involvement in government. The policy directives of the Foreign Office to the Political Resident in 1953 reflected the changing British role - perhaps more accurately than was realised: harmonise with US policy; maintain good relations with Saudi Arabia; resolve territorial disputes; encourage cooperation among the Gulf States. In the past the British aim had been government, disguised as advice; now it was no more than the hope of influence - disguised as assistance.


The Gazette thus functioned as a signal of British diplomatic and judicial control. It remains a comprehensive and valuable indicator of official activity and of relations between Britain and the States. The Supplements record legislative Orders in Council and Queen´s Regulations.
The Persian Gulf Gazette provides a detailed research source for the study of political life in the Gulf from the post-war period to the achievement of full independence by the respective States.
The Persian Gulf Gazette was one of the instruments of transition, a medium of communication in which British authority is seen to decline as consultation with State Goverments increases.


The Persian Gulf Gazette appeared at quarterly intervals for a period of 20 years. Each issue containes a section covering each state: Bahrain, Kuwait Qatar, the Trucial Shaikhdoms, Muscat & Oman. The following were the usual headings; with items of information such as:
  • Foreign Office appointments
  • Judicial appointments
  • Other appointments, e.g. of ´authorised persons´ for specific duties
  • Honours bestowed upon individuals
  • Notices, e.g. of official approval of certain commercial undertakings
  • List of Orders in Council, Regulations, Rules, etc. in force in each State, the full text being given in the Supplements
  • Legislation proposed at a future date
Independence and the transfer of jurisdiction

The concluding issues of the Gazette, at the moment when Bahrain, the Trucial States and Oman were achieving or preparing for independence, are filled with orders for the transfer of jurisdiction from British to local authority. Some orders are accompanied by schedules of regulations affected by the change. The Persian Gulf Gazette concludes by quoting the statutory instrument by which, in 1972, Her Majesty relinquished Her jurisdiction in the Trucial States.


The complete series of Gazettes are published from Vol. 1 No. 1 dated October 1953 to Vol. 20 No. 1 dated May 1972 and the Supplements are published from No. 1 dated October 1953, to No. 58 dated August 1968. The series of Gazettes is run without interruption in the first two volumes of the set of six. The more voluminous Supplements fill the following four volumes.


Contents of the Supplements
Organised State by State, the Supplements contain the texts of new legislation and other provisions. Supplement No. 1 at October 1, 1953 gives an extensive sequence of Orders in Council, Regulations, Rules and legislative Notices in force in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the Trucial States at that date, including:
  • The Bahrain Order, 1952 and Amendment, 1953
  • The Traffic in Cultured and Tinted Pearls Regulation, 1922
  • The Bahrain Customs Regulation, 1950
  • The Bahrain Passport Regulation, 1952
  • The Dangerous Drugs Regulations, 1931
  • The Bahrain Rules of Court, 1927
  • Bahrain Criminal and Civil Appeal Rules, 1953
  • Legal Practitioners Rules, 1953
  • The Kuwait Order, 1953
  • The Special Police Officer´s Regulations 1948
  • The Kuwait Income Tax Regulations 1951
  • The Kuwait Residence Permits Regulations, 1952
  • The Kuwait Rules of Court 1927
  • The Qatar Order, 1953
  • The Doha Municipal Regulations Regulation 1952
  • The Qatar Alcoholic Drinks Regulation 1952
  • Qatar Criminal and Civil Appeal Rules, 1953
The Trucial States
  • The Trucial States Order in Council 1952
  • The Trucial States (Fujairah and Kalba) Order, 1952
  • Trucial Oman Levies Regulation, 1951
  • The Sharjah Air Navigation Regulation, 1952
  • Trucial States Criminal and Civil Appeal Rules, 1953
  • The Muscat Order (appears in the Supplement for October 1, 1955)
  • The Muscat Penal Code and Criminal Procedure (1958)
The Supplements contain not only details of legislation on administrative and judicial matters, but on a wide range of social and commercial topics, including probate rules and estate law, trade mark and patent procedures, corporation and partnership law.