Records of Dubai 1761–1960

ISBN:  (13) 978-1-85207-845-4   Extent:   8 volumes, 5,000 pages, including map pocket

Author: A. Burdett    Published: 2000
Paper: Printed on acid free paper
Binding: Library bindings with gilt finish
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Eight volumes comprising approximately 5000 pages provide a wide-ranging sequence of key historical documents, evidence of the origins and development of the modern city and Emirate of Dubai.
This new document collection makes available for study authentic original documents - reproduced in facsimile - including political correspondence and reports, letters to and from the Shaikhs (in Arabic versions wherever available), and maps.
The subject matter includes: Ruling Family affairs; rivalries and conflicts with Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and elsewhere; tribal affairs; history of trade, including pearl fisheries; oil development; city development and administration.


The Dubai Municipality, conscious of the special status of Dubai as an international commercial and financial centre, requested Archive Editions to research and publish this original new project. Archive Editions has published many significant works including ´Records of the Emirates´ and ´The UAE: Internal Boundaries´ as well as over 70 other document collections on Arab history.


Contents - the main highlights
Volume 1 - 1761-1908
  • Tribal histories 1761-1854
  • Beni Boo Ali tribe, 1820-1821
  • Treaties applicable to the Ruler of Dubai 1820-1906
  • Failure to restrain piracies 1835
  • Description of Dubai 1836-1839
  • Pearl fisheries, 1868
  • Events within the Ruling Family 1886-1898
  • Dubai protection over Fujairah, 1902
  • Dubai-Sharjah feud over Fujairah,1905
Volume 2 - 1905-1932
  • Death of Ruler, 1906
  • Review of Rulers 1833-1906
  • The Trucial flag, 1905
  • Pearl Banks, 1905
  • Arms trade, 1908
  • British clash with Shaikh Butti bin Soheil, 1912
  • Accession of Shaikh Said, 1913
  • Dubai as base for port and telegraph, 1913
  • Dispute over Hatta, 1914
  • Conflict with Abu Dhabi, 1924
  • Hostility with Iran following capture of Dubai dhow, 1928
  • Ruling Family dissension and attempt to depose Shaikh Said, 1927-34
  • Reconnaissance of civil air route, 1931
Volume 3 - 1930-1940
  • Affairs of the Ruling Family, 1934-1935: renewal of conflict between the Ruler, Shaikh Said bin Maktoum and his cousins, threatened coup
  • Shipping interests and activities, 1935, including potential seaplane anchorage at Dubai
  • The first petroleum concession agreement, 1934-1936
  • Boundary with Abu Dhabi, 1936-1937
  • Aspects of territorial waters, implications for pearl fisheries, 1936-1938
  • Defence considerations in 1939; Protection of the pearling banks and trade, 1938-1940
  • Ruling Family: beginning of serious quarrel in 1938
  • Reform of customs organisation in 1938
  • Aspects of Sharjah boundary dispute, 1938-1940
Volume 4 - 1938-1945
  • Need for reforms and Ruler´s refusal to introduce these, 1938, crisis between Ruler and opposing notables
  • New Majlis el Tejara and advisory council, March-April 1939
  • Questions as to safety of Imperial Airways´ use of Dubai, 1939
  • Relations between Sharjah and Dubai concerning the exile of ex-members of the Dubai Council, May 1939
  • Rumours regarding plots to murder the Ruler of Dubai, October-November 1939

Volume 5 - 1945-1950

  • Boundary dispute with Abu Dhabi, 1945-1946
  • Escalation of conflict into warfare, 1947
  • Evaluation of Dubai and Abu Dhabi claims by British Government, further attempts to settle dispute, including offer of mediation from Shaikh of Dhank and Shaikh of Beni Ka´ab, September 1946-February 1947
  • Renewal of hostilities following tribal raids and looting of Dubai camels, August 1947-April 1948
  • Effect on oil exploration, with potential oil wells falling in disputed territory, 1947-1950, including detailed solution to the Abu Dhabi-Dubai dispute suggested in April 1949
  • Sale of Ras-al-Khaimah gardens to Dubai, 1947
  • Tribal relations: the Manasir threat to Dubai, 1948-1950
Volume 6 - 1950-1955
  • Meetings of the Trucial Council 1950-1955
  • Economic affairs; Petroleum affairs: negotiations & agreement for sea-bed concessions 1950-1953
  • Search for water supplies on Trucial Coast 1954
  • Development in health care and banking sectors 1953
  • Internal affairs: activities by nationalists/dissidents, creation of a ´National Front´, 1955
  • Efforts by Shaikh Juma bin Maktoum and his sons to undermine the regime, and their eventual exile, 1955
  • Introduction of reforms by Shaikh Rashid, Regent of Dubai, following his suppression of an insurrection by a faction within the Ruling Family
Volume 7 - 1955-1958
  • Reports on political situation and administrative affairs, including extracts from Trucial States monthly diaries, 1957
  • Development plans - improvement of Dubai harbour and port, 1955-1956, improvement of municipal building, services, health and education, town police force and revision of Trucial Oman Scouts, 1957
  • Boundary issue with Sharjah, 1956-1957
  • Death of Shaikh Said bin Maktoum, accession of Shaikh Rashid bin Said bin Maktoum, 1958
Volume 8 - 1959-1960
  • Ruling Family affairs: official visit of the Ruler of Dubai, Shaikh Rashid bin Said bin Maktoum, to the United Kingdom in 1959
  • The issue of exiled family members
  • Relations with Iran, Qatar, Sharjah, Oman and Sudan, 1959
  • Local government and development, 1959
  • Postal services and aviation, including opening of Dubai Airport, 1959
  • Town improvements and medical development, 1959-1960
  • Operation and management of Dubai Airport, and related regulations and agreements, 1960
  • Search for water resources, 1960
  • Legal affairs, 1959-1960; Industrial development, 1960
  • Petroleum affairs, 1960-1961
Map List: For maps see map pocket at the end of volume 8


Maps appear in map pocket at the end of volume 8:
01.       ´Trigonometrical Plan of the Backwater of Debai´
02.       Three rough sketches of Dubai, 1910
03.       Map of Dubai/Abu Dhabi boundary dispute, 1949
04.       ´Sketch map of land area of Shaikdom of Sharjah´, showing land boundary with Dubai, 1959
05.       ´Dubai Harbour Proposed Improvements´, c. 1953
06.       Dubai Harbour proposed improvement works, proposed borings, 1956