Records of Qatar  1966-1971

ISBN:  (13) 978-1-84097-175-0        Extent:      4 volumes, 3,400 pages

Editor:  A. Burdett    Published: 2006
Paper: Printed on acid free paper
Binding: Library bindings with gilt finish  The front cover carries the Qatari crest.
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These four volumes are the latest collection from Archive Editions detailing the history of Qatar. These 3400 pages consist of despatches, letters, reports, minutes and records of meetings reflecting the British Government departments most closely involved with the political and economic development of Qatar during the period 1966–1971.


This period saw the end of Qatar’s 150 years as a British Protectorate and its emergence as an independent sovereign state. Also covered is the coup d’état of 1972 in which Sheikh Khalifah bin Hamad al-Thani deposed his cousin Sheikh Ahmad bin Ali al-Thani. Other subjects covered include: internal security; relations with Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, centering on land and sea boundary disputes; relations with India and Pakistan, with respect to their nationals working in Qatar; defence procurement; petroleum affairs, and development of infrastructure.

For more detailed description of the material covered in this set follow Link to the Editor’s Introduction.


Understanding the series
These three titles combine to create a large collection which offers historical evidence for the political, economic and social evolution of Qatar. Such evidence improves our understanding of the modern political position of Qatar. It includes, for example, examination of frontier negotiations and questions of sovereignty; constitutional, military and defence developments.
 Most of the documents reproduced for the period pre-1947 are found in the India Office Records. Papers for the period 1947–1971 are chiefly found at the National Archives, London. File references are given for the benefit of researchers.


Arab League 1943–1963: British Documentary Sources , The
Arabian Boundaries 1853–1960
Arabian Boundaries 1961–1965
Arabian Boundary Disputes
Arabian Treaties 1600–1960
Diplomacy in the Near and Middle East 1535–1956
Documentary Studies in Arabian Geopolitics: Lower Gulf Islands: Abu Musa And The Tunbs Dispute
Foreign Office Annual Reports from Arabia 1930–1960

Gazetteer of Arabian Tribes
Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia
Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia
GCC States: National Development Records: Civil Aviation 1920–1962, The
GCC States: National Development Records: Communications & Transport 1860–1960, The
GCC States: National Development Records: Defence in the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia 1920–1960, The 
Islands and Maritime Boundaries of the Gulf 1798–1960
Oil Concessions in Five Arab States 1911–1953: Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Trucial States and Oman
OPEC: Origins and Strategy 1947–1973
Persian Gulf Administration Reports 1873–1957
Persian Gulf Gazette and Supplements 1953–1972
Persian Gulf Historical Summaries 1907–1953, The
Persian Gulf Précis, The
Persian Gulf Trade Reports 1905–1940, The
Political Diaries of the Arab World: Persian Gulf 1904–1965
Records of Bahrain 1820–1960
Records of Bahrain 1961–1965
Records of Bahrain 1966–1971
Records of Qatar 1820–1960
Records of Qatar 1961-1965
Records of the Persian Gulf Pearl Fisheries 1857–1962

Ruling Families of Arabia: Documentary Records of the Dynasties of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman
Slave Trade Into Arabia 1820–1973, The
Treaties and Engagements Relating to Arabia and the Persian Gulf
Water Resources in the Arabian Peninsula 1921–1960