Records of Saudi Arabia 1961–1965

ISBN:  (13) 978-1-85207-770-9     Extent:  6 volumes, 3,500 pages

Editor:  A. Burdett     Published: 1997
Paper: Printed on acid free paper
Binding: Library bindings with gilt finish.  Front cover carries the Saudi crest.
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This is the second in the series of three titles that combine to create a large collection which offers historical evidence for the creation of Saudi Arabia, illustrating the political, social and economic changes which in just over half a century transformed the desert amirate into one of the richest countries in the world.
Throughout the collection there is an overall structure of subjects covered such as the affairs of the royal family, foreign and internal affairs, economic, civil and social development, defence policy and territorial negotiations and disputes. Although the early part of the collection is organised so as to present a series of key documents which provide researchers and historians with access to original documents upon which to base their own work, in this more modern period, 1960 to 1970, almost all of the material available has been included providing a very detailed series of papers for these years. Such coverage makes it possible to follow an argument or policy development in some detail.
Several sensitive items have been retained by the FCO, and were therefore not available for inclusion.



  • Illness of King Saud
  • Education of Crown Prince Khalid at Oxford University
  • Attempt to revive Hijaz Railway
  • Aramco activities near Abu Dhabi boundary
  • King Hussein of Jordan visits King Saud at Taif
  • Buraimi Oasis situation and Buraimi refugees
  • Khor-al-Odaid situation
  • Possible resumption of diplomatic relations with UK
  • Report on oil company activities including Aramco; Aminoil, Getty Oil


  • New Saudi Government, Prince Faisal becomes Prime Minister
  • Death of Yusuf Yassin, long-term royal advisor
  • Pressure for constitutional reform
  • Supply of armaments by Britain and France
  • Saudi-Jordan defence and economic agreements
  • Cairo propaganda campaign against Saudi Arabia
  • United Nations talks over Buraimi refugees problem


  • Increasing opposition to King Saud from Prince Faisal
  • Report of Faisal's speeches to tribes gathered at Taif
  • Civil aviation: problems of permission for over-flights
  • Rehabilitation plan for Hijaz Railway
  • The UAR (Egypt and Yemen): acts of aggression against Saudi Arabia
  • Resumption of UK–Saudi diplomatic relations


  • Culmination of power struggle between Saud and Faisal: King Saud divested of powers, Emir Faisal assumes administration; full text of fatwa
  • Report on electricity development
  • American arms pressure on Saudi Government
  • Appointment of new British Ambassador


  • Report on leading personalities in the Kingdom
  • Definition of the Saudi-Jordanian boundary
  • Egyptian threat to Saudi Arabia over the Yemen boundary: build-up of UAR troops on the border
  • British arms sales to Saudi Arabia
  • Extension of the nautical limit to 12 miles


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